The Bolivian Navy’s Deep Diving Instruction Center (CIBA) conducted the refloating of a Mack Granite GU 813 Euro 5 Truck and a 25-meter barge, submerged in the Tiquina Strait at 40 meters deep in Titicaca´s Lake waters, the highest navigable lake in the world, located at 3810 meters above sea level.
Using Professional Lift Bags, it allowed them to lift from the bottom a 12-ton truck plus its cargo of 20 tons of asphalt to be towed and taken to dry land. This operation was highly demanding with regard to safety for personnel, equipment and material due to the extreme conditions of diving at 40 meters depth at an altitude of 3810 meters corresponding to dives of 65 meters deep at sea level .
The refloating operation carried out by the divers of the Bolivian Navy is now the largest refloating performed in the waters of Lake Titicaca. The PF-12000 Lift Bags were exceptional considering that due to the altitude, the expansion of the air is higher because of the reduction of atmospheric pressure. At 3810 meters above sea level, that is only 0.62 atm or 473.92 millimeters of mercury.