When you need to float an object in extremely shallow water use SUBSALVE’s shallow
water “pillow” shaped Enclosed Flotation Bags (also referred to as boulder bags). Utilize
them in any position – upright or flat, outside or inside of structures—for vessel salvage,
auto recovery, pipeline and cable installation and emergency flotation for ships, aircraft,
submersibles and ROVs.


· Configure with a multitude of rigging combinations.
· Use with a single or multiple attachment points around the perimeter of the bag.


· Urethane-coated nylon—high-strength and heavy-duty
· Superior abrasion resistance
· Resistant to most petro-chemicals
· UV-resistant
· Low maintenance requirements and easy to clean
· RF welded seams

Lifting Harness

· Heavy nylon lift harness built into the body of the lift bag
· Safe working ratio of 6:1

Safe and easy to use

· Equipped with all necessary hardware—ready for immediate use
· 3/4″ NPT inflation/deflation port equipped with ball valve
· Stainless steel quick disconnect for inflation
· Pressure relief valves: set to release at 2.5 psi above ambient pressure
· Enough pressure relief valves are installed in each bag to allow expanding to vent
should a free ascent occur.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.15.27 PM

EFB-SW Caution Label











• Each SUBSALVE USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
• Custom sizes available.
• All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.