The Subsalve USA lifeboat davit testing system allows for lifeboat davits and other
structures to be load tested in areas with insufficient access for conventional solid
weights. The handling weight of water filled test bags compared to solid weights is
substantially reduced increasing ease of use.
To use the system simply place the empty bag in the desired location, fill with
water, execute the load test and discharge the water from the bag.


· Desired number of 375KG capacity test bags (6 handling straps per bag)
· 3/4″ x 50ft Inflation a & discharge hoses with quick couplers fittings
· 6 station manifold with 3/4″ quick couplers
· Air driven double diaphragm pump rated to 15 GPM.
· 25ft Inflation & discharge hoses

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• Each SUBSALVE USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
• Custom sizes available.
• All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.