Diver deploying the Mark V/Orca

Mark V/Orca lifting ordnance

Diver deploying the Mark V/Orca

Mark V/Orca lifting ordnance

Military Grade Underwater Explosive Removal

The Mark V/Orca self-contained system is specifically designed for the removal of underwater mines, weapons or explosives.

LogoEach Subsalve product is 100% tested prior to shipping.
Product Details

Our products are manufactured with heavy-duty urethane coated nylon fabric. The nylon fabric has a breaking strength of over 1000 lbs. per inch, and the urethane coating is resistant to fuels and most petro-chemicals.

Safety and Ease-of-Use

The Mark V/Orca base system is available in 2,500lb (1,200kg) and 4,400lb (2000kg) versions and includes:
· One enclosed lift bag manufactured of heavy-duty yellow 40 oz. urethane-coated
nylon fabric for high abrasion resistance and fuel resistance.
· Two 80 ft3 aluminum or 100 ft3 aluminum or 87 ft3 fiber-wrapped cylinders.
· Pressure relief valves
· Inflation manifold with hoses
· Tank harness
· Actuation valve
· Surface command unit
· Manual and electrical actuation

The system can be deployed by a single diver from a remote location, such as an inflatable boat.
· Designed to operate to full lift capacity to a depth of 175ft with the standard two cylinder kit, and the 330ft with the quad cylinder kit.
· Equipped with all necessary hardware – ready for immediate use.

Optional Accessories

· Carry bag
· Rigid storage/shipping box with carrying handles
· Time delay actuator
· Pneumatic actuation
· Acoustic actuation
· Spare parts kit
· Tool kit
· Repair Kit
· Quad cylinder kit (allows for deeper operational depth)

Military Grade Quality

The Mark V/Orca Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal System replaces the obsolete U.S. Navy Mark II Mod I Flotation Bladder (NSN #8465-00-992-6689) of which SUBSALVE delivered over 200 units over the last decade.
The new Mark V/Orca System is approved by the U.S. Navy and is in use by over 25 navies throughout the world.

The Subsalve Promise

• Each Subsalve USA lift bag is tested prior to shipping.
• Custom sizes available.
• All Subsalve USA products are compliant with IMCA D-016-AIRBAGS, ABS, U.S. Department of Defense Standards.

Product Specifications
ModelLift CapcityDiameterLengthPackaged Cubic DimensionWeight
MVO-10001100lb31in42in24in x 24in x 30in95lb
MVO-25002500lb43in61in37in x 27in x 19in145lb
MVO-40004400lb48in74in56in x 27in x 36in195lb
MVO-1000500kg0.79m1.07m.61m x .61m x .76m43kg
MVO-25001200kg1.09m1.55m.94m x .69m x .76m66kg
MVO-40002000kg1.22m1.88m1.42m x .69m x .91m89kg

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